Tearoom Earth


This lounge is our “hospitality” space, consisting of 5 digital “Tangible Earth” globes, which visualize present condition on our planet, such as climate change or population explosion — both major themes for this G8 summit —, with the beautiful Japanese tea room.

If mankind is like a tiny existence, say fleas on the back of this huge elephant called planet earth, then our work as scientists is like piecing together disparate fragments of information, to monitor the subtle changes in the health and metabolism of our host. These 5 globes are self-portraits of this planet, which express the human spirit of a new global age, when we finally started to realize the awesome value of this planet’s environment.

In Japanese culture, the tea room was originally a medium which edited environmental information such as the changes of the four seasons (via the manner or expression of tea utensils or artistic scrolls), and at the same time an intellectual device through which to experience existential truths. In keeping with this original concept, this space depicts these planetary self- portraits in real-time, using the latest technology, and is therefore called the “Global Tea Room”. It is my hope that this space will be a mirror to show not only the dangers confronting mankind in our natural environment, but also a hope for a new future for human society, which shares this kind of self-realization.

“Tearoom Earth” by five “Tangible Earth” was exhibited in G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit International Media Center (IMC) Environmental Showcase (July 5-10, 2008).

Planning and Produce
TAKEMURA Shin-ichi (Earth Literacy Program)

Exhibition design Direction
UCHIDA Shigeru (Uchida Design Inc.)

Lighting Direction

Sound Direction
KAWASAKI Yoshihiro

[Tearoom Earth] Cooperation:
NPO GAIA INITIATIVE / Earth Literacy Program / GK Tech Inc. / Uchida Design Inc.

[Tangible Eath]
Producer: Shin-ichi TAKEMURA ( Earth Literacy Program )
Production: GK Tech Inc.

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