Tangible Earth


This globe is the first interactive digital globe. You can spin it freely with your hands, you can use a magnifying glass pointer to observe any region of the planet, and search through local information. (Regrettably, the magnifying glass function has been disabled in this presentation.) The globe’s circumference, 1.28m, is 1/10 millionth scale of the planet, so for example, the atmosphere (the 10,000m troposphere) presents as 1mm thick. Given that the distance from the Earth to the Moon is 380,000km, one can imagine that a basketball floating some 38m away and experience the Earth in a cosmic context. It is in this sense that we use the word “tangible” for this medium.

“Tangible Earth” video clips will be found in here.

Producer: TAKEMURA Shin-ichi
Director: IWAMASA Ryuichi(GK Tech.)


2005 Good Design Gold Award

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