aqua scape


The 21st century is dubbed the century of water.” -
Everywhere on Earth, there arise various kinds of problems relating to water, such as floods, droughts, melting glaciers, islands being submerged, etc..

Seizing the auspicious moment at which this water exhibition @21_21 is being held, we decided to experimentally create a system which might be called an Internet stethoscope” to be real-timely connected online with the actual “water” spots in order that all of us can share the knowledge about the conditions of water on Earth and bring the gravity of the matter closer to home to feel it as something
real and of our own.

It is an attempt to design an infrastructure to develop global sensibility.

Be it in Iraq or Palestine, there is an everyday life being conducted as it has been for ages. What this global village needs is not breaking news but a medium which can convey the atmosphere or breathing so to speak of the scene where things are actually happening. In this day and age flooded with all sorts of visual information, we thought it more sensible to design an “auditory” type of circuit so that the concept of “online presence” or the sense of being near water, and “context awareness” or being aware of the background of multifaceted and complex situation surrounding water is not lost.

created for “water” exhibition at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo 2007-2008

Management: Earth Literacy Program
Producer: TAKEMURA Shin-ichi
Director: Arakawakensuke
Sound Design(streaming): KAWASAKI Yoshihiro
Web Site Design / Authoring: METAPHOR
System Design(streaming): Hiroki Kobayashi

cooperation: WEATHERNEWS INC, SNAYO Electric Co.,Ltd, KAWAKAMI Reiko, IWASA Emi, FUJIKAWA Keisuke(sqeeze lab Co.,Ltd)

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